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Dave Stroud July 28, 2023
"Best apple pie I have had since my Aunt Helen passed this way. Flaky, cinnamon, lightly dusted with subtle sweetness. Mr Gowan will tell yu how much he loves life and Booneville, CA. Nice twisty and scenic drive thru Redwoods, grassy knolls and occasional barns."
Roberta Peek July 28, 2023
"Love the organic apples, the cider and especially the cider slushy. Yummy. I also bought some apple sauce, cherries and potatoes. If you're driving in the area, be sure to stop."
Eliman Gibba July 28, 2023
"This is one of the cutest Farm/Fruit/produce stand on 128. Check it out,the owners are as sweet as the Cherry Fruits."